Can water quality affect washing hair with bar soap?

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Has it occurred to you that the quality of the water can affect washing your hair with bar soap?

In Finland, water quality is often soft. This varies from place to place - you can check it on the websites of the water utilities.

In a small part of Finland, and in places with private wells, the water may be hard. This means that the water has a lot of minerals. The high mineral content eats up the washing power of genuine bar soap. In this case, you may have to use a little more soap to wash your hair. The temperature of the water is also important in this matter; warm water can enhance the effect of the soap.

In the video , @marianordin.freetoheal shares her own hair washing tips with 'hard' water. This is how he acts when washing in his cabin.

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Kuten Maria sanoo videolla, kannattaa todellakin kokeilla vedensuodatinta suihkuun. Suihkusuodatin poistaa hyvin epäpuhtaudet vedestä. Lisätietoja esim. .

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