Do you protect your eyes from blue light?

Blue light glasses: The key to a better night's sleep and eye well-being

Maria and Reino Nord's blue light glasses on their eyes
In the picture I am wearing Ra Optics Popp glasses and Reinolla Maxwell glasses

I want to share with you something that has brought a significant change to my own life - especially when it comes to better night sleep and eye health. The topic is high-quality blue light glasses and I think this could be exactly the solution you've been looking for.

The importance of blue light for your well-being

In our digital world, we spend more and more time in front of various screens, lamps and lights, which inevitably exposes us to a lot of blue light. Not only does this blue light strain our eyes, it can also disrupt our sleep patterns. So even if you spend a quiet evening at home in a dark home, you are probably exposed to blue light!

This is where high-quality blue light glasses come in, which protect our eyes and help improve our sleep quality.

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Sunset vs. Daylight lenses - what's it all about?

Sunset lenses are specially designed for evening and night time. According to Ra Optics, these lenses block 100% of blue light, which is vital for melatonin production and helps maintain a regular sleep pattern. They are an excellent choice if you spend time in front of screens in the evenings or suffer from difficulty falling asleep.

Daylight lenses, on the other hand, are designed for daytime use and block approx. 95%. They filter out harmful blue light, but allow enough light to keep you refreshed and focused during the day. If you work a lot in front of a screen terminal during the day, these lenses are the perfect choice for you.

Here you can see our selection

Maria Nordin covers the camera lens with blue light glass
This is how the world looks through Sunset lenses!

RA-Optics blue light glasses - the best investment for your eyes

RA-Optics blue light glasses stand out on the market by offering exceptional protection against blue light. Unlike many other brands that block only a portion of blue light, RA-Optics glasses effectively filter almost all blue light. This makes them a smart investment for both your eye health and your sleep quality, while avoiding wasting money on less effective options.

With the code RAOPTICS 8.1.-14.1 all Ra-Optics products -10% from Sopo's online store!

My personal experience

I have personally noticed the difference using RA-Optics glasses. The orange Sunset glasses are part of my evening routine a few hours before bed, and they effectively relax my eyes. During the day, when natural sunlight is not available and I work for long periods of time at the screen terminal, I resort to Daylight glasses with yellow lenses. The difference is noticeable ‚Äď my eyes don't get as tired and my sleep quality has improved significantly.

I hope that the information I have shared will help you make informed choices for your eyes and the quality of your sleep. I know you will love these!

with love,

p.s. here you can find a link to an interesting study on the effect of blue light on our health!


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