Poseidon ecological natural sponge tampons arrived at the Sopo store directly from Kalymnos!


Poseidon's natural sponge tampons are world famous and extremely popular among those looking for more ethical alternatives to menstrual protection. Natural sea sponges contain natural enzymes and minerals that help prevent odors, mold and certain bacteria from forming. Natural mushrooms are also hypoallergenic because they are always processed naturally and do not contain artificial ingredients, chemicals or toxins. Because they are extremely soft and flexible, they do not cause skin irritation.

The high-quality Poseidon natural sponge tampons come from the legendary island of Kalymnos, which is known as the "mushroom island". Behind Poseidon mushrooms is a local family business that has been operating for over seventy years.

The natural mushrooms of the Mediterranean are of the highest quality in the world, and resemble honeycomb and the finest silk. They are collected only once a year, in limited quantities. Natural mushrooms are collected ethically by hand, at a depth of 30-50 meters in the open sea. The handmade fishing and processing of these mushrooms are demanding, 100% sustainable development processes. These processes have been practiced for more than two centuries.

Each mushroom has gone through a three-degree quality control before arriving in our online store.

Natural sponge tampons are long-lasting and an excellent alternative to disposable menstrual pads or menstrual cups.

Here's to shopping for natural sponge tampons.


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