Storing your bar soap - An ingenious recycling tip extends the life of bar soap

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Proper storage of genuine bar soap is really important if you want to get the most out of your soap. Many people have had bad experiences with bar soap because they have not used genuine bar soap or because the bar soap has been stored incorrectly. The user experience can be bad and the soap literally goes to waste along with the washing water.

Properly stored bar soap lasts up to half as long as improperly stored soap. In this article, we share a genius tip that costs nothing and will greatly extend the life of your soap.

How to store bar soap?

The most important thing is that the bar of soap does not remain in the water and that the bar of soap is allowed to dry between uses. Bar soap can be stored on a platform where the water can drain away. These options include, for example, wooden, ceramic or loofah soap trays and a magnetic bar soap holder. Here you can find out about different bar soap storage solutions .

If you can't wait for these to arrive in the mail, you can try the next option, which costs nothing and everyone has the materials.

The bottle cap at the bottom of the bar of soap makes the bar of soap last longer

This tip is excellent, for example, for Clean Dirt soap, which is an authentic African black soap. Black soap contains more natural skin-moisturizing glycerin than other genuine bar soaps, which makes the soap soft and flexible.

Due to the composition, Clean Dirt soap softens if it is left to soak in water. However, this does not affect the properties of the soap. However, if you want the soap to last longer and be more plentiful, you should try this trick.

  1. Take Clean Dirt soap and press a regular crown cap into the bottom of it

  2. Store soap on the side of the sink with a bottle cap on it

(If you have a wooden counter, store the soap on top of the crown cap on a plate)

The crown cap means that the soap is a few millimeters off the base and dries faster between uses.  

Other good ways to store real bar soap

A loofah is a soap dish made from natural sponge cucumber. Loofah can also be used as an exfoliating sponge.

The wooden soap tray is stylish and fits Finnish interior design. The wooden soap tray has grooves that take the washing water away from under the soap.

The magnetic soap holder is the Rolls Royce of soap storage. The soap dries perfectly in it. Soap is pleasant and fun to use. This is an absolute favorite!

You can also make a magnetic bar soap holder yourself with this instruction .


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