Is my soap in HOME?! - Why does my soap surface look moldy?

Is my soap in HOME?! delusion explained

We received a really interesting customer feedback, which I want to share with you. There were a couple of interesting points in the message that we want to address.

Genuine bar soap - a safe choice for the whole family

A Sopo fan had bought three Clean Dirt Metsäbiomi -soap. The customer said that he had used the soap to wash his hands. When the child had a cold, the soap had been taken out of use, to make sure that the colds did not spread to other people through the soap. This is the first point I want to address:

The composition of genuine bar soap is such that pathogens do not live or spread through it. Genuine bar soap can be used with family and others without worry, even if one of them is sick. The chemical composition of genuine bar soap is such that it destroys the microbes in it.

Do you notice that I keep repeating the phrase real bar soap. It's because there are bar soaps that have a solid detergent composition. Solid detergent is chemically very different from real bar soap. In turn, microbes can survive in such solid detergents. For washing your hands, and otherwise, you should always choose genuine bar soap.

Storing genuine bar soap - the key to longevity

The only important thing about using real soap is to store it well. This is also important mainly because your genuine bar soap would last longer. When stored well, genuine bar soap dries between uses and is really sufficient. Click here to see my favorite storage options.

"Soap mold" ‚Äď a special feature of genuine African black soap

What does "soap mold" look like?

Another thing that appeared in the customer's feedback was doubt about HOME. "Soap mold" is a special characteristic of genuine African black soap. However, it's not about mold, even if the scum that appears on the surface of the black soap looks like it.

African black soap, which Clean Dirt Metsäbiomisaippu has in its composition, is a type of soap that contains the most natural glycerin among soaps. Glycerin is formed in a chemical reaction where cocoa bean ash and coconut oil are mixed. Soap is also formed in this same reaction.

Because of the high glycerin content, Clean Dirt is so gentle and moisturizing. Glycerin helps the skin to utilize moisture, which is why Clean Dirt Metsäbiomisaippua is so good for dry skin.

However, the glycerin content causes the surface of the soap to absorb moisture in the air onto the surface of the soap. This phenomenon makes the surface of the soap "come alive". However, it is not a microbe but a "growth" formed by air humidity and soap.

You can read more about it, e.g. here:

Black soap ‚Äď perfectly usable despite the "soap mold".

Black soap with this kind of "soap mold" on its surface is perfectly usable. If desired, the surface can be rinsed with water.

Our whole family is currently using Clean Dirt specifically. It's wonderful to notice how the skin is doing well, is flexible and moist, even though the air is super dry and the weather has turned to freezing like this in November.

Has something similar appeared in your soap?


Maria and the Sopo team



Meill√§ my√∂s ilmenny tuota ‚ÄĚhometta‚ÄĚ mut ei olla lopetettu k√§ytt√∂√§. Olenkin ajatellut sen kuuluvan asiaan.
Ainoa asia mit√§ mietin on kuuluuko saippuan olla pehme√§? Kun muut saippuat on kiinteit√§ eiv√§tk√§ pehmene k√§yt√∂ss√§. K√§ytet√§√§nk√∂ meill√§ vaan saippuaa niin paljon et pehmenee sen takia? S√§ilytet√§√§n saippualautasella ja saippuan pohjaan olen laittanut pullon korkin ‚ėļÔłŹ


Onpa jännä tuo ajattelu: Otan palasaippuan pois käytöstä kun flunssaa liikkeellä ettei tartu…
T√§√§ll√§ k√§yt√∂ss√§ sopon aidot palat lapsiryhm√§ss√§. Vaikka joskus joku flunssanpoikanen olisi kyl√§ss√§, niin pala kyll√§ pysyy. Muutaman kommentin olen saanut siit√§, ett√§ palasaippuat eiv√§t oikein toimi lapsilla tai juurikin, ett√§ lasten kanssa ne olisivat t√§ynn√§ ‚ÄĚp√∂p√∂j√§‚ÄĚ. H√∂p√∂ h√∂p√∂. Meill√§ on terve sakki ollut koko syksyn vaikka kouluissa ja p√§iv√§kodeissa jyll√§√§ kaikki mahdollinen. Pient√§ flunssanalkua saattanut olla liikkeell√§, mutta hoidossa ovat olleet ja palat pysyneet ūüĎć
Se, ett√§ lapsi ei ‚ÄĚp√§√§se‚ÄĚ my√∂sk√§√§n ‚ÄĚylik√§ytt√§m√§√§n‚ÄĚaitoa palasaippuaa niin kuin esim jotain pumppupulloa on my√∂s hyv√§. V√§hempi sit√§ parempi.

Ja olen itsekin huomannut joskus tuon kuvan kaltaista vaaleaa pintaa palassa, mutta olen ajatellut sen olevan normijuttu. Ei aina ole ollut, mutta muutaman kerran havainnut..

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