What is a Yoni Egg and what is it used for?

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The word YONI has many meanings, and in Sanskrit it means womb, vulva, vagina, birthplace, source, beginning, spring, home... In this case, Yoni is an egg-shaped object that is placed in the vagina.

The word YONI has many meanings. In Sanskrit, Yoni means womb, vulva, vagina, birthplace, source, beginning, spring, home... In this case, Yoni is an egg-shaped object that is inserted into the vagina.
According to beliefs, Yoni eggs act as tools of feminine power: They are said to help release pent-up trauma and cleanse the body's energies, increase sexual energy and connect us to the feminine, life-creating energy.
From a physical point of view, Yoni eggs are said to strengthen and relax the muscles of the pelvic floor, which supports the well-being of the vagina, uterus and rectum.

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are combined with:

  • to a more intense orgasm

  • for stronger internal support during intercourse

  • to the reduction of the symptoms of impetuousness

  • to reduce the risk of uterine prolapse or to treat it

  • for reducing the risk of bleeding and healing after vaginal delivery

It is also said that connecting to your own feminine energy can balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms.

SOPO Yoni eggs are ethically produced in Finland

"I myself have sworn by the name of Yoni eggs for years. Until now, I have had Yoni eggs made of foreign crystals, such as rose quartz and jade, because I have not found a Finnish equivalent on the market. However, the ethics of crystals is difficult and impossible to determine. It bothered me a lot, so I started to find out if there could be a suitable material and manufacturer in Finland to make Yoni eggs. In the process, ethics, domesticity and the fact that energies meet with the manufacturer meant primarily to me. It is a sacred object for me personally, which reflects something much bigger, so I felt that I would give this idea time and let the universe lead me to the right Yoni egg maker.
The roads led to the charming Fiskars and hand-blown glass was selected as the material," says Sopo's founder, Maria Nordin .

Use of yoni eggs

The Sopo Yoni egg is placed inside the vagina during meditation, gratitude practice or ritual. (The meditation for balancing the feminine and the proposal for a ritual will be completed at the end of May 2021. Those who pre-order Yoni eggs can redeem the meditation and the ritual proposal free of charge with a personal promo code after the meditations are completed.)
  • The yoni egg is cleaned before and after use with a natural detergent, for example Sopo soap and warm water.

  • Store and nurture your Yoni Egg beautifully, channeling good energy into it. If your Yoni falls on the floor, check that there are no cracks

  • The use of yoni eggs can also be combined as part of rituals, meditation or even morning routines.

  • Yoni eggs can also be used as 'amulets' as instruments of positive energy.


We make no health claims about Yoni eggs. The things told in this article are related to general beliefs, as well as personal experiences of using Yoni eggs. There is no scientific justification for them.


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