Metsäbiomi Voidepala to support overall well-being


I've been talking about the importance of a diverse microbiome for health for years. It is an indisputable fact that the more contact we have with different microbes, the better we are. It is known that the normal development of a child's brain, thinking and emotional skills benefits from the fact that the child is in contact with various microbes. A child is naturally built in such a way that it explores the world with all its senses, it touches and tastes its environment in order to come into contact with all possible environmental microbes

The problem is that our current conditions are far from natural. The modern living environment does not offer enough versatile coverage for the immune system. The hygiene hypothesis is a theory that suggests that little contact with nature is indeed one of the reasons for many of our society's ailments, such as allergies, skin problems and immune system disorders. ( )

I was immediately interested when I heard that a Finnish research group has developed Reconnecting Nature™ - an extract that contains forest microbiota. The research team has found that daily use of the extract stimulates the immune system and that daily use enriched the gut and skin microbiome of the study participants.

I have now developed a piece of Sopo Metsäbiomi cream , which contains Reconnecting Nature™ extract and blueberry oil.

Preservatives disrupt the microbiome, so it is of the utmost importance to me that Sopo products are preservative-free. In addition, from an environmental point of view, I consider it important that Sopot is packaged without plastic. Voidepala is a product that is used to replace traditional moisturisers packaged in plastic, which also contain preservatives.

Using a piece of cream is easy! A piece of cream can be used, for example, after washing hands or bathing by rubbing it lightly on the skin. Voidepal is kept in a cardboard box or it can also be conveniently installed in the Sopo stand.

Metsäbiomi piece made from organic fat also contains homemade blueberry oil. Sopo Mustikkainen Metsäbiomi Voidepala is unscented and made in Finland. It will be available for pre-sale in the Sopo online store on Monday evening, April 12, 2021 at 21:00. The first batch will be completed during May, and will then be sent to those who have pre-ordered.

with love,

Maria Nordin

Founder / Soposoap



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