Maria's hearing from Tuomaa Markkini

Tuomaan Market Atmosphere and Top 5 Products

Maria Nordin Tuomaa Market

Hello friend of Sopo!

This is Maria, and I must say that Tuomaan Market has had an absolutely incredible atmosphere! The weekend has been full of life and you, many of our wonderful customers have come to say hello. Thank you for coming to chat and get to know each other - it's always so wonderful with you!

But hey, the market isn't over yet! We will be there until next week Friday, December 22nd at 20:00 and only after that we will head to celebrate Christmas. So, if you haven't had time to visit yet, now are the last moments to get the best Christmas gifts from Sopo!

I know that many of you love to hear which products have been particularly popular, so I would like to share with you the top 5 best-selling products in Tuomaa Markkinoi:

  1. Blueberry Metsäbiomi Voidepala – This wonderful bar of cream has been an absolute hit. Its natural ingredients and the health benefits of blueberries have captivated many.

  2. Metsäbiomi Bar soap Clean Dirt – This bar soap is not only effective, but also gentle on the skin. Its popularity says a lot about its quality.

  3. Lip and Blush with Metsäbiom - This multipurpose product has been a real find for many of our customers. It brings a natural glow and is perfect for every makeup bag.

  4. Beauty Oil – This product is a real beauty elixir! Its nourishing oils and forest biome are skin care's secret weapon!

  5. Forest biome cream in a tin box – This cream not only treats the skin, but its beautiful packaging is also a treat for the eyes.

And do you notice! The forest biome is the thing! All our top 5 products contain it.

If you can't make it to the place in person, please remember that you can still order our products from our online store. There may be delays in package deliveries due to the Christmas rush.

But don't worry, we have a solution for the goat container: a Sopo gift card! It's always a great gift idea and the recipient can choose what they want from our selection. A gift card is an easy and quick way to give a gift that is sure to please!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you again at the market!

with love,


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