Sopo Wooden soap dish
Sopo Wooden soap dish
Sopo Wooden soap dish
Sopo Wooden soap dish
Sopo Wooden soap dish

Sopo Wooden soap dish

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Sopo Wooden Soap Dish - Ecological Choice for Storing Your Soap

Extend the Life of Your Soap with Proper Storage

The Sopo Wooden Soap Tray is designed to improve the shelf life of your bar soap. By letting the excess water drain from the soap dish, your soap will dry faster and won't suffer from the water. This simple procedure can significantly extend the life of your soap.

Minimalist and Ecological Design

This stylish and minimalist soap tray is made of ecologically sustainable wood. It's the perfect choice when you want to avoid wall mounts. The Sopo Wooden Soap Dish brings a touch of natural aesthetics to your bathroom while keeping your soap dry and ready to use.

Perfect Gift Idea

Combine the Sopo Wooden Soap Tray with genuine bar soap and you have the perfect gift - whether it's for your own pampering moment or a gift for a friend. This practical and beautiful set will surely delight its recipient.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Cleaning the soap tray is easy. From time to time, collect the soap accumulated on the base and use it in cleaning the home, such as washing the sink. This way you reduce waste and use all the soap efficiently.

Product information


Size: 13 cm by 8.5 cm

Material, wood.