Urban tantra-sacred sex in the 21st century

Urban tantra-sacred sex in the 21st century

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Urban Tantra: The Holy Sexuality of Modern Time

Modern Tantra: Expanding Energy and Awareness

"Urban Tantra" is a handbook of Barbara Carrellas, which brings ancient tantric wisdom to the 21st century. The book guides the reader in increasing sexual energy and consciousness, presenting the spiritual and sacred of sexuality in a modern context.

Activation of mental energy and chakras

Explore tantric techniques that open and activate chakras, increase mental energy and offer deeper physical and mental enjoyment. Carrelas guides how tantric sex can be much more than just physical enjoyment, providing a blissful experience.

Improving respiratory and contact techniques

The book contains breathing and touch techniques that improve the ability to enjoy sex and life. You will learn how touch can be both exciting and healing, and how you can get more enjoyment alone or with your partner.

Tantra's diversity and inclusiveness

"Urban Tantra" is aimed at anyone interested in Tantra, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or erotic interest. The exercises of the book open up new dimensions to sexuality and quality of life.

Barbara Carrelas: Tantric Sex Expert

Barbara Carrelas is a recognized writer, artist and activist who has gained fame through Urban Tantra® workshops. He has been recognized for his work in sex, sexuality and spirituality, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

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