Traditional Pihkasalva - New Lot!
Traditional Pihkasalva - New Lot!
Traditional Pihkasalva - New Lot!

Traditional Pihkasalva - New Lot!

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Sopo traditional resin latch 30% 25ml - natural aid for skin damage

Always ready for small dreams: Sopo Pihkasalva 30%

It hurts and happens - but don't worry, Sopo traditional resin latch 30% is here to help. This effective resin is designed for all kinds of skin damage: asphalt rash on sticks, wounds, abrasive and nipples. Always keep the resin with you and you are ready to take care of the small bumps quickly and efficiently.

Enchanting and intense composition

The new batch of Sopo Pihkasali has arrived and is more enchanting than ever. Thanks to its intense color and composition, it not only looks good, but also effectively promotes skin damage.

Centuries of wisdom of the healing force of resin

For centuries, resin has been used in Finland for the treatment of a variety of skin problems such as bacterial, yeast and fungal infections, burns and wounds. The natural effect of healing of the resin has even been recognized in the hospital environment, where it has helped to treat severe wounds when traditional antibiotics have not worked.

Pure Lapland spruce - power from the north

Sopo's heart of the traditional resin is a clean Lapland spruce spiral, which serves as an impressive raw material. Local natural product entrepreneurs collect resin through traditional methods, respecting nature and trees without damaging.

Product information

Suitable for wounds, asphalt dermatitis, nipples to support skin healing

🇫🇮 Made in Finland 100% of Finnish raw materials

🚫 does not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives or chemicals

🌱 made of organic raw materials

🐇 not tested on animals

🐝 include beeswax

♻️ is packed in recycled board and recyclable metal box

👣 Helps fight antibiotic resistance.


Hemp oil, spruce 30%, bee wax.