The Power of the Mind and healing

The Power of the Mind and healing

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The Power of the Mind – Harri & Ilkka Virolainen

Explore the Secrets of the Mind and Its Impact on Your Well-Being

The Power of Emotions and the Miracles of the Placebo Effect

Discover how emotions and mental attitudes directly affect your health and well-being. "The Power of the Mind" opens the doors to an understanding of how the placebo effect can change our lives and how positive thoughts can cure illnesses.

Health Effects of Meditation and Training the Mind

Discover the profound health effects of meditation and learn how to strengthen your mind and exercise it daily to improve your quality of life.

Practical Tools and Tips for Utilizing the Mind

"The Power of the Mind" is not just a book, but a practical guide that combines scientific research results and personal experiences. The book offers numerous tools and tips to help you use your mind to promote well-being.

The book works excellently as a support for the Free To Heal® method

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