eckhart tolle läsnäolonvoima kirja
eckhart tolle läsnäolonvoima kirja

The power of presence

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The Power of Presence - The Key to Freeing the Shackles of the Mind

International Hit - Over Two Million Books Sold

"The Power of Presence" is a globally recognized work that has achieved enormous popularity and sales figures exceed two million copies. The book offers its readers a deep journey into the depths of the mind and the many dimensions of the self.

Free yourself from the Limitations of your Mind - Discover the Joy of Life

"The Power of Presence" by Eckhart Tolle is a guide that shows you how to free yourself from the limitations and problems created by the mind. Tolle guides his readers to find that state of silence and peace, where suffering, haste and sorrow no longer dominate life, but a deep joy of life takes its place.

Deep Insight – The Pillar of the Free to Heal® method

This book is an integral part of the Free to Heal® method, supporting its principles and teachings. "The Power of Presence" offers its readers insights into the mechanisms of resistance, the role of the inner protector (ego) and the power of surrender.

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