The mystery of the water

The mystery of the water

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From water - the core of the mystery of life

A complex expedition to the world of water

This non -fiction book takes the reader deep into the nature of the water, revealing its many mysteries and questions that have fascinated people for millennia. Why the ice is floating? How can jellyfish be a conscious creature without the brain? What does water mean to the human body? The book explores these issues and provides scientific and philosophical perspectives on the unique nature of the water.

About the structure of the water and its effect on life

The book gives a comprehensive picture of the structure of the water and its importance for life on Earth. It explores the role of water in science and its deeper relationship with human consciousness, memory and intention. The reader gets to know the latest achievements and theories of water research.

The mental effect and self -awareness of the water

The work presents water as a metaphorical and spiritual teacher who can help us understand ourselves and the world better. It invites the reader to a journey from the sources of myths to today's scientific findings, and wonders whether we can also welcome ourselves by treating water.

Johanna Blomqvist's view of

Johanna Blomqvist, Doctor of Philosophy, a physicist and writer who has been frustrated with cold water, approaches water with the openness and curiosity of the researcher. He is known for his previous works that combine the themes of quantum physics and mind healing. Blomqvist's writing style has been praised for its ability to make complicated topics understandable and inspirational.

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