norman doidge aivot ja paranemisen ihme kirja
norman doidge aivot ja paranemisen ihme kirja

The brain and the miracle of healing

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The Brain and the Miracle of Healing: The Power of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity: The Secret of Brain Malleability

"The Brain and the Miracle of Healing" is psychiatrist Norman Doidge's in-depth study on brain neuroplasticity, the amazing ability of the human brain to change and adapt. The book sheds light on how the structure and functions of the brain can change in response to activity and experiences, which opens up new possibilities for treating brain dysfunctions.

New Neural Connections: The Source of Hope

In his book, Doidge presents innovative methods that activate the brain's natural healing powers and enable the formation of new neural connections. These methods, which utilize light, sound, vibration, electricity and movement, offer hope to those suffering from brain dysfunctions considered irreversible.

The Miracle of Healing: The Self-Repairing Ability of the Brain

"The Brain and the Miracle of Healing" is a fascinating guide to understanding the brain's ability to repair itself. The book offers information and inspiration to those who are looking for ways to utilize the plasticity of the brain on the path of healing and personal growth.

Free to Heal®: Support for the Healing Journey

Norman Doidge's work is a valuable addition to the Free to Heal® healing journey, providing scientifically sound methods and real-life examples of the brain's healing potential.

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