bruce h. lipton ajatuksen biologia kirja
bruce h. lipton ajatuksen biologia kirja

The biology of thought

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The Biology of Thought: The Mental Health Revolution

The Power of Thought: The Mind-Body Connection

"The Biology of Thought" is a groundbreaking work by Dr. Bruce Lipton of Biology, which studies the effect of thoughts on the cellular level of our body. The book challenges the traditional understanding of the supremacy of genes and DNA, presenting the idea that the connection between mind and body is much deeper than we have previously understood.

Genes Reassessed: The Dynamic Nature of DNA

Lipton's research reveals that signals from outside cells, such as our thoughts and beliefs, can affect DNA and cell function. This opens up new perspectives on how we can influence our own health and well-being.

Cell Biology and Thinking: A New Paradigm

"The Biology of Thought" offers an in-depth look at the connection between cell biology and the mind, showing that our thoughts and feelings are central to our health and well-being. The book is an important reading experience for anyone interested in the power of the mind and its effect on the body.

Free to Heal®: Support for Spiritual Growth

Bruce Lipton's "The Biology of Thought" is a valuable resource to support the Free to Heal® healing journey, giving readers the tools to understand and utilize the mind's influence on physical health.

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