The alchemy of shame — From isolation to living connection

The alchemy of shame — From isolation to living connection

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Breaking Free from the Grip of Shame: Kaisa Peltola's Insightful Guide

Explore the effect of shame on life and find a path to overcoming it in the book written by Kaisa Peltola. The book sheds light on shame as a bodily and neurobiological process, as well as the trauma of an attachment relationship, not only as a psychological phenomenon. Peltola offers an in-depth treatment of the effects of shame and offers ways to break free from its chains, returning to the body's natural sensuality and awareness.

The Influence of Shame and the Journey of Liberation

The book opens with a journey in which shame is approached through the body - bringing the body to life and aiming for deep awareness. It does not view shame as an exclusively personal experience, but understands it as part of a larger, collective web of shame that is rooted in the depths of our culture.

Dealing with Collective Shame

Peltola's work stands out in its treatment by focusing on how an individual can distinguish personal shame from the social atmosphere of shame and how this understanding is key on the journey towards liberation.

Spiritual Growth and Overcoming Shame

In her book, Kaisa Peltola, spiritual growth instructor, shares her years of experience working with shame and giving her popular Alchemy of Shame workshops, offering readers tools for identifying shame and getting rid of it.

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