maria nordin taikamatka kirja
maria nordin taikamatka kirja

Taikamatka - A meditative storybook that relaxes and calms

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Taikamatka: A Meditative Storybook for Children and Parents

Relaxing Fairytale for Every Evening

Taikamatka is a storybook created by Maria Nordin that takes children and parents into the whirlwind of six meditative stories. The book offers an interactive experience, where the listener and reader together adventure in the world of stories, evoking positive emotions and strengthening the relationship with one's own body.

Stories that promote positivity and well-being

Each story in the "Magic Journey" book is designed to support health and well-being, including gentle relaxation techniques from the Free to Heal® awareness skill method. These stories work excellently as bedtime stories or moments of relaxation, promoting peaceful sleep and mental well-being.

Maria Nordin's Expertise and Warmth

Maria Nordin, mother of four children and wellness coach, has gathered her expertise and warmth in the book. "Taikamatka" is aimed at children aged 2-12, but it also offers parents the opportunity to return to the magical world of childhood and shared moments with their children.

A storybook that transcends age limits

Although "Taikamatka" is recommended for ages 2-12, its enchanting content and profound teachings appeal to all ages. It is a book that grows with the child and offers parents calming moments in the middle of everyday life.

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