yoni muna käsinvalmistettu suomessa sopo
yoni muna meditaatio kotimainen käsityö sopo
yoni muna käsinvalmistettu suomessa sopo
yoni muna meditaatio kotimainen käsityö sopo

Sopo Yoni Egg and Meditation

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Sopo Yoni Egg and Meditation - The Source of Feminine Power

Connection to Femininity and Spiritual Power

The Sopo Yoni Egg and Meditation are designed to strengthen your connection to the deepest essence of femininity. This package offers a unique combination of physical and mental exercise tailored to support your feminine energy and well-being.

Handmade Individuality

Each Sopo Yoni egg is handmade in Finland, which guarantees its individuality and high quality. By using this personally sacred object, you support domestic craftsmanship and ethical values.

Yoni Meditation by Maria Nordin

The package includes the Yoni Meditation designed by Maria Nordin, which guides you through a physical and spiritual exercise. Meditation helps you connect with your own Yoni Egg and the power it provides.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Yoni egg use has been linked to many benefits, including strengthening and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to more intense orgasms, better internal support, reduced incontinence symptoms, and improved postpartum recovery. On a spiritual level, the Yoni Egg is said to help balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms.

Ethics and Homeland

Sopo is committed to ethics and domesticity. Founder Maria Nordin's personal journey in the world of Yoni eggs led her to Fiskars, where she found the right material and a manufacturer who shares the same values. Hand-blown glass has been chosen as a material because of its ethics and beauty.

" I myself have sworn by the name of Yoni eggs for years. Until now, I have had Yoni eggs made of foreign crystals, such as rose quartz and jade, because I have not found a Finnish equivalent on the market.

However, the ethicality of crystals is difficult and impossible to guarantee. It bothered me a lot, so I started to find out if there was a suitable material and manufacturer in Finland to make Yoni eggs. In the process, ethics, domesticity and the fact that our energies meet with the manufacturer were primarily important to me. It's a sacred object for me personally that represents something much bigger, so I felt I'd give this idea some time and let the universe lead me to the right Yoni Egg maker.

The roads led to the charming Fiskars and hand-blown glass was chosen as the material," says Sopo's founder, Maria Nordin.


Since the Yoni egg is a personal hygiene and intimate product, it has no right of return or exchange.

After purchasing the meditation product, you will receive a link in your e-mail through which you can do the Yoni exercise and listen to the meditation.

Product information

Materials and manufacturing

🇫🇮 The yoni egg is made of glass in Finland, at Fiskars as an artistic craft.

📏 Yoni egg length is about 4.5 cm, width about 3 cm.

🥚 Yoni eggs are individual, so size and color may vary.

🛍️ The Yoni egg is packed in a white bag.


Use of yoni eggs

The Sopo Yoni Egg can be held in the hand or placed inside the vagina during meditation, gratitude practice or ritual.

The yoni egg is cleaned before and after use with a natural detergent, for example Sopo soap and warm water.

Store and nurture your Yoni Egg beautifully, channeling good energy into it. If your Yoni falls on the floor, check that there are no cracks

The use of yoni eggs can also be combined as part of rituals, meditation or even morning routines.

Yoni eggs can also be used as 'amulets' as instruments of positive energy.