sopo metsäbiomi setti
clean dirt metsämikrobi palasaippua sopo
sopo mustikkainen metsäbiomi voidepala
kauneusöljy luonnonkosmetiikka ihonhoito
sopo metsäbiomi setti
clean dirt metsämikrobi palasaippua sopo
sopo mustikkainen metsäbiomi voidepala
kauneusöljy luonnonkosmetiikka ihonhoito

Sopo Forest Biomebundle

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Sopo Forest Biomibundle: In one package of 2023 bestseller

Our 2023 Bestseller - now available in one package! This set is designed to provide ultimate forest biomicism that is suitable for everyone, women and men. The set includes the world's first forest microbial soap "Clean Dirt", "Sopo Beauty Oil", which is nourishing and regenerating the skin, and a versatile "forest biomome cream". Each product unites traditions and science innovatively, bringing the diverse benefits of the forest directly to the treatment of your skin.

Clean Dirt: The world's first forest microbial soap

A unique combination of traditions and science:
Clean Dirt is an innovative soap that combines traditional African black soap and Finnish forest microbes. This combination creates an exceptional cleaning experience that is both gentle and effective.

Take advantage of forest microbes in your daily life:
Clean Dirt includes Reconnecting Nature ™ Forest Microbial Extract, which utilizes the power of forest microbes to support the well -being of your immune system. Daily use supports your health in nature in its own way.

Versatile and sufficient:
This soap is the perfect choice for the entire body cleaning, including greasy hair. Its sufficiency means that a small amount is far from.

The female entrepreneur's handwriting:
Made in Finland by a talented African female entrepreneur, combining cultural riches with knowledge in a unique way.

Sopo Beauty Oil - With the Power of the Forest Biom, Carrot and Turmeric

Nature's giveaway to support the beauty and health of your skin:
Sopo Beauty Oil combines forest biome, carrot and turmeric oil, creating a strong mixture that supports skin health and beauty. This oil helps to repair damage to the sun and the environment for your skin.

Anti-age Impact and Skin Repair:
Known for its anti-age characteristics, this oil not only improves skin collagen levels, but also soothes inflammation and promotes cell regeneration.

Live skin naturally:
Carrot oil beta -carotene and turmeric oil stimulating properties bring a natural tone and glow to your skin.

Ease of use and efficiency:
Designed for daily use. Shake the bottle and spread a few drops on the clean face, rubbing the oil on the face outward.

Forest Biome Cream: The forces of Nature for the well -being of your skin

Moisturize, nourish and soothe - naturally:
The forest biomous cream is versatile, suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes, nourishes and soothes your skin, bringing the well -being of the forest to your home.

Reconnecting Nature ™ - Power of Forest Biomial Extension:
Contains innovative Reconnecting Nature ™ forest biomics, supporting the normal functioning of your immune system and reflecting the biodiversity of the forest.

Organic ingredients and domestic blueberry oil:
Made of the best organic ingredients, fragrance -free and contains valuable domestic blueberry oil. Suitable for daily skin care, makeup cleaning or lip care.

Ease of use and storage:
Store at room temperature or cool. The piece of ointment is conveniently stored in a cardboard box or in a bamboo sopo box.

Enjoy the versatile well-being of the Forest Biome set and bring nature's wonders into your daily beauty routine.

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