Sopo Candle
Sopo Candle
Sopo Candle
Sopo Candle

Sopo Candle

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Material: Mandarin

Sopo Soy Wax Candles - An Ecological Atmosphere Creator for Your Home

Clean Burning, Authentic Fragrances

Sopo soy wax candles offer an ecological alternative to traditional stearin candles. Soy wax burns cleaner, leaving the indoor air fresh without harmful pollutants. These candles not only light up your space, but also purify the atmosphere, creating a healthier environment in your home.

Handmade in the Heart of Mallorca

Each Sopo candle is unique, as its cup made of terracotta clay is shaped by hand in the idyllic surroundings of the island of Mallorca. The jagged appearance of the cup and the dried flowers placed on top make each candle a work of art.

Heart thread made from recycled wood chips

Instead of traditional cotton thread, Sopo candles use recycled wood shavings, which brings its own unique character to the burning of the candle. The wooden core thread creates a soft and natural light that reflects the ecological values ​​of the candle.

The Fragrant World of Genuine Essential Oils

The lavender and mandarin scents of Sopo candles will take you on an imaginative journey to Mallorca. The refined scent of genuine essential oils is mild and pleasant, unlike many synthetic scented candles, which can be overpowering.

Instructions for use for Longevity

Lighting a soy wax candle for the first time may take some patience, but it's worth it. Let the candle burn so that the wax melts evenly all the way to the edges to avoid a "tunnel". The candle should not be burned for more than three hours at a time, and it is good to remove the charred part of the wick before each new lighting. This way you ensure a burning time of around 15 hours.

Reuse possibilities

After the candle has burned out, its ceramic jar offers countless possibilities for reuse. Use it, for example, as a toothbrush mug, a menstrual sponge storage jar, a flower pot, a vase or a pencil jar - only your imagination is the limit.

Product information

More information and instructions for use

🕯 burning time approx. 15h. Use max 3 hours at a time

🇪🇸 handcrafted in Mallorca, Spain

🚫 does not contain synthetic perfumes, preservatives or chemicals

🌱 made from natural ingredients

🐇 vegan, not tested on animals

🎀 always burn candles safely

♻️ the packaging is recyclable