Return to the nature of the Goddess (book and cards)

Return to the nature of the Goddess (book and cards)

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Return to the Nature of the Goddess - Journey to the Heart of Finnish Mythology

Find a Connection to Yourself Through the Ancient Finns Mythology

Eeva Maria Leino's "Return to the Goddess's Nature" is a unique guide that takes you on a journey to the kingdom of Finnish mythology and plants. The book offers the keys to realizing the primal forces of femininity and your inner resources, inspired by ancient Finnish female figures.

Enrich your Knowledge and Practices

Get to know the female and nature characters of Finnish mythology, and deepen your understanding of wild herbs, healing oils and aphrodisiacs. The book also contains practical exercises, cosmetic and food recipes, and instructions for rituals that strengthen your creative power and intuition.

Recall Ancient Wisdom

"Return to Goddess Nature" is more than a book; it is an awakening to remember something ancient and familiar. Eeva Maria Leino's expertise in the world of plants and wellness coaching offers readers a deep connection with nature and themselves.

Empowered by the Wisdom of the Goddesses

Eeva Maria Leino, botanist and wellness coach, guides women to find a connection with nature and become empowered through the female characters of our mythology. This book is an excellent support for those participating in the "Power Plants of the Gods" course.

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