RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses
RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses

RA Optics RAM-DASS-Daylight Blue Light Glasses

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Ra -Optics' RAMM DASS "Blue Light Glasses - Best Blue Light Glasses in the Online Store

Finally, our Sopo store has the best Blue Blocker blue light glasses in the world! We are proud to introduce the RA Optics Ram Dass model! It's a real premium product!

Ram Dass was an American psychologist, writer and spiritual teacher who, after being among the first to study psychedelic substances, wanted to understand how we could experience high -conscious spaces without external aids. He traveled to the Far East, where he learned the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation and brought the message of love and approval back to the west, inspiring and positively influencing millions of people.

This is a retro -style model with a round shape and a friendly look. Classic and stylish for both men and women, young and old.

Daylight Benefits of Blue Light glasses

Do you spend most of your day indoors on your computer or other screens? Then it is extremely important to protect your eyes during the daytime from harmful artificial blue light.

RA-Optics Yellow Daylight lenses are specifically designed for daytime use. They reject 95% of the most dangerous artificial blue light, while providing optimal protection and clarity to see. These glasses help avoid eye strain, headaches and fatigue - thus improving both work efficiency and overall well -being during the day.

Why choose RA Optics?

Light therapy lenses: What makes RA Optics Blue Light glasses so effective? The company started out of science and did It's stylish. The glasses have been developed together with photography, neuroscience and optics leaders. They are enriched with pigments that have been tested again and again to ensure efficiency. Personally, we know that they work, but many health experts can prove it.

How do I use daylight blue light glasses?

Use yellow daylight blue glasses during the day when you are indoors and especially when you have lamps, LED lights and when you work on a computer, for example. As you start to get ready for bedtime, you can switch to orange lens for Sunset glasses a few hours.

Sleep better

Blue Light and Sleep Rhythm: Several studies show that blue light, especially in the evening, can interfere with our sleep patterns and melatonin production. Melatonin OP's hormone that helps us fall asleep.

Experience deep relaxation, easier to fall asleep and post -sleep refreshment. Feeling your health will improve as a result of a better sleep.

Order now and sleep better!

All glass orders include a luxurious branded enclosure and cleaning cloth and free delivery

The whole guide

Product information

As a child, Matt Maruca (Ra Optics CEO) suffered from several health problems such as stomach problems, allergies, headaches and chronic fatigue. He felt that traditional Western medicine did not help him because it focused solely on the treatment of symptoms and not on the root cause of the problem. Matt began researching himself and found information on mitochondria, our cells' engines "that need light to function properly. He realized that daylight and darkness at night were essential for the functioning of mitochondria. Matt began to apply this information to his life and noticed his health improved.

He also learned that the blue light in particular affects the internal clock of our body. Based on this information, he began to use special goggles that prevent harmful blue light from entering the eyes. Later, he founded his own company, "Ra Optics", which manufactures these goggles.