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Pumice Stone - Natural Exfoliator from Kalymnos Island

Natural Pumice Stone - Hardened Lava for Gentle Exfoliation of the Skin

Pumice stone is a unique natural product that comes directly from the earth's crust. The hardened lava forms a porous and hard surface that is ideal for light exfoliation of the skin. This natural pumice stone is the perfect choice for treating calluses on the feet, providing softer and smoother skin.

Instructions for use - To soften calluses on the feet

Use a pumice stone in the shower or sauna when your skin has softened. Gently rub the calluses with a pumice stone and rinse off the detached skin. The porous structure of pumice stone makes it effective, but gentle. After use, hang the pumice to dry by its cotton string to keep it hygienic and durable.

Historical Usage – For hair removal in Ancient Greece and Rome

Pumice stone has been in use since the ancient times. In Greece and Rome, it was a popular tool for removing leg hair. This traditional method of use shows the versatility and effectiveness of pumice stone in skin care.

Origin and Ethics - Collected by a family business

The pumice stones from the island of Kalymnos in Greece are collected by a family business that has been operating for more than 70 years. This guarantees the product's ethical origin and high quality.

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