Bar soap holder and Forest Biome Bar soap Clean Dirt

Bar soap holder and Forest Biome Bar soap Clean Dirt

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Magnetic Bar Soap Holder and Clean Dirt Genuine Black Soap set

About the soap holder

Ease of use and durability:

The Sopo Magnetic Bar Soap Holder is designed to make using bar soap both pleasant and practical. The soap dries quickly between uses, which significantly extends its service life.

Kids will love this:

This magnetic holder is not only practical, but also makes hand washing fun and interesting for children. They love the soap sticking to the magnet!

Versatile positioning:

The rack can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, whether it is above the sink for hand washing or near the shower for hair and body washing. This increases the comfort of use and makes using the soap even more flexible.

Easy installation and maintenance:

Installation is effortless and maintenance of the stand is simple. Regular oiling keeps the rack as good as new.

The stand comes with a round piece of metal that looks like a crown cap that can be pressed into the soap, and a wooden stand with a strong sticker

Install the stand like this :

  • Select the surface on which you want the stand to be installed.
  • Clean the surface carefully and make sure it is dry before attaching the stand.
  • Remove the protective paper from the tape and press the holder to the wall.
  • Press a round piece of metal resembling a bottle cap slowly into the center of the soap.
  • You can also use a hard object like a knife to help with this.

About the soap

A unique combination of tradition and science:

Clean Dirt is a unique combination of traditional African black soap and Finnish forest microbe innovation. This combination brings out the best of both worlds, while providing natural and effective cleansing.

Use forest microbes in your everyday life:

Adding Reconnecting Nature forest microbe extract to the soap offers a unique opportunity to utilize forest microbes in daily hygiene. Regular use can have a positive effect on the immune system.

Versatile and ample use:

Clean Dirt soap is an excellent choice for daily washing. Its good washing power makes it suitable for washing hands, body and even greasy hair. The soap is powerful, so it lasts a long time.

Tip: Clean Dirt soap is very powerful, so you only need a small amount for each use. This high glycerin soap should be allowed to dry properly between uses. Avoid getting the soap too wet, so that its service life remains as long as possible.

Designed by a female entrepreneur:

This product is manufactured in Finland by a female entrepreneur of African descent, combining cultures and know-how in a unique way.


Product information


🌲 made out of wood

♻️ recyclable by burning or composting

👣 Switching to bar soap is a great way to reduce your own carbon footprint.