Men's set - perfect gift idea
Men's set - perfect gift idea
Men's set - perfect gift idea
Men's set - perfect gift idea
Men's set - perfect gift idea

Men's set - perfect gift idea

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Gorgeous gift idea for a man: a man containing forest power and nature care

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a man who appreciates organic and well -being? This male set that contains a spirit of spirit, Clean Dirt, Pihkasalva and Forest Biomist is a unique combination of the best ingredients in nature and Finnish innovation. It is the perfect choice for a man who wants to combine his daily hygiene and skin care with the power of nature.

Clean Dirt-Forest Microbi soap

Clean Dirt is the world's first soap that brings the forest microbes directly to the man's hand washing pool. This soap is not only cleansing, it also supports the immune system. Its versatile use makes it an ideal choice for a man who values ​​efficiency and naturalness. Clean Dirt is made in Finland and is handmade by a female entrepreneur, which unites cultures and knowledge in a unique way. More information

Forest Biomic Cream - Organic Skin Care

Forest biomite cream is fragrance -free and contains domestic blueberry oil that nourishes and protects the skin. This piece of cream is perfect for daily use and helps the man maintain the well -being of the skin and protect it from external disadvantages. A piece of cream is easy to use and is an ideal gift for a man who wants to keep skin care simple but effective. More information

Sopo Spirituality - a herbal soap

Sopo Spirit's Helpen is a Finnish piece of soap that offers herbal fresh aroma and cares for the skin thanks to hemp oil. This soap is versatile and is ideal for washing your hands, body and hair. It is also ideal for shaving and shaving, making it a perfect gift for a man who values ​​versatility and naturalness in skin care. More information

Sopo Traditional Pihkasalva - Help for Small Wounds

Pihkasalva is a traditional Finnish product known for its healing features. This latch is an excellent gift for a man who is active and may need help with minor wounds and skin damage. Its natural ingredients, such as pure Lapland spruce and domestic hemp oil, provide effective help and support for natural skin healing. More information

This male set is a perfect gift, that unites traditions, the best of science and nature. It provides a man with the opportunity to take care of himself organically and support his own well -being in daily life. Give the power and care of nature as a gift - choose this man that brings the fragrance and well -being of the forest directly to the recipient's bathroom.

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