Mantra - a way to the secrets of words

Mantra - a way to the secrets of words

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Mantra - a way to the secrets of words

Streak your everyday life with a mantra

"Mantra - the way to the secrets of words" is a profound guide to the world of mantra traditions. The book opens the doors to the encrypted power of words and sounds, providing the reader not only historical knowledge but also practical tools to bring mantra into everyday life.

From tradition to the present

The book sheds light on the roots of Mantra in traditions of different cultures and explains how these ancient practices can enrich our modern life. Mantras are not only sounds in the yoga halls, they can be part of relaxation, meditation and mental growth in any environment.

Mantra change force

Mantra offers not only a pause for the busy life rhythm, but also the opportunity for spiritual and emotional healing. The book explores the energy of mantra vibrations and sounds, which can help with the focus and calm of mind.

Mantra protecting in the whirlwind of everyday

The book explains the mantra's etymology: how 'manas' means mind and 'trayate' protection. So the mantra acts as a protection of the mind, preventing it from wandering and helping to find a state of concentration and peace.

A writer's personal journey

Petra Streng, a writer and a multidisciplinary artist, divides her personal journey into the world of Mantra. He tells how the mantra has been supported by him at different stages of life and how it has helped him and many others.

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