Sopo Luffa Soap tray
Sopo Luffa Soap tray
Sopo Luffa Soap tray
Sopo Luffa Soap tray
Sopo Luffa Soap tray
Sopo Luffa Soap tray

Sopo Luffa Soap tray

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Sopo Luffa– Multipurpose Soap Tray and Exfoliating Sponge

Natural and Sustainable Choice

Sopo Luffa is a genuine natural product made from sponge cucumber, offering an ecological alternative to your bathroom. The Luffa's versatility makes it an ideal choice both as an exfoliating sponge and as a soap tray.

Extend the Service Life of your Bar Soap

By using a Sopo Luffa as a soap tray, you can significantly extend the life of your bar soap. The unique structure of the luffa allows excess water to drain away, so the soap dries quickly and stays in a better condition.

No Wasted Soap

The soap that accumulates in the luffa is not wasted, because you can use it to wash directly from the luffa. This feature makes Sopo Luffa an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Versatile Use

Sopo Luffa is the perfect tray for genuine bar soap, but its use is not limited to that. Luffa can also be used to exfoliate the body or to clean the home, such as washing the sink.

Product information

Luffa is a 100% natural product. In order for the luffa sponge to last as long as possible, soap it up. Lather the soap and squeeze it into the sponge. Let the sponge dry. The luffa sponge protects the soap from microbial growth.

A luffa sponge can also be used as a washing sponge. It can be used to wash the body, especially the feet or places where you want to exfoliate dead skin.

Recycle the luffa in bio waste.