Lost knowledge - a message of ancient peoples to the world

Lost knowledge - a message of ancient peoples to the world

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Lost knowledge - mysteries of life energy with the guidance of ancient peoples

Explore how ancient wisdom can illuminate today's life in Mervi Enqvist's book "Lost knowledge - the message of ancient peoples to the world". This book deepens the essence of spiritual energy, kundalin energy and its effects on human consciousness and spiritual awakening. The book creates bridges between ancient wisdom and the present, providing readers with the opportunity to understand and experience the deeper dimensions of life.

The power of kundalin energy and the expansion of consciousness

Enqvist leads readers to the mysterious world of kundalin energy, explaining how this powerful internal energy is the key to expanding consciousness and full exploitation of spiritual potential. He deals with the importance of heart in spirituality and how it can act as a guide for personal and collective growth.

Teaching of ancient Stories and Today's Applications

The book discusses how the stories and myths of ancient cultures reflect our common consciousness and how these stories can continue to guide and inspire us. Enqvist highlights how ancient knowledge can help us understand the ultimate questions of life and provide answers to the challenges of modern times.

Mental exercises and heart meditation

"Lost knowledge" includes practical exercises designed to awaken, open and balance life energy. As a particularly important tool, the book introduces heart meditation, which is designed to help readers to connect with their own inner wisdom and the sound of the heart.

Mervi Enqvist's personal path and expertise

Author Mervi Enqvist is a recognized teacher of kundalini yoga, founder of the yoga school and a successful film director. He combines his personal experience and extensive expertise to provide readers with a unique and vivid understanding of spirituality.

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