eeva maria leino ja tytti leiwo pohjoisen alitajunnan maa kirja
eeva maria leino ja tytti leiwo pohjoisen alitajunnan maa kirja

Land of the Northern Subconscious - A story about the myths of femininity

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The Land of the Northern Subconscious - An In-Depth Study of the Myths of Femininity

The Perfect Partner of the Divine Herbs course

"The Land of the Northern Subconscious" is a book that goes hand in hand with the "Power Plants of the Goddesses" course, offering a deep reflection on the female archetypes. The work created in collaboration between Eeva Maria Leino and Tytti Leiwo is full of wild stories and symbolism that bring to life the primal and universal soul landscape of a woman.

A journey with a Maiden and an old Wise Woman

The book takes the reader on a journey where Pohjola's daughter, the archetype of the maiden, walks her life path under the guidance of an old wise woman. This path is full of fascinating adventures, enigmatic encounters and growing pains – offering a unique view of the different stages of womanhood.

Dreamy Escape from Rootlessness

This dreamy and symbolic work takes its readers on a journey far away from the rootlessness and busy lifestyle of modern man. It is dedicated to everyone who feels a deep longing for the mythical world of the North and for the springs that empower their souls.


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