Healed by trauma

Healed by trauma

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Healing Trauma: Maiju Palin's Journey from Survival to Recovery

An Autobiographical Path from Trauma to Empowerment

"Healed by Trauma" is Maiju Palin's heartbreaking but hopeful autobiographical work. The book tells about the journey of a woman who survived a family death towards inner peace and recovery. It's a story of how even the deepest wounds can turn into understanding and compassion.

Diversity and Possibilities of Recovery

Palin describes the complexities of recovery, showing that although the road is not straight or easy, it is possible to find balance and live with the traumas of the past. The book gives voice to inner safety and the need for support that is essential in the healing process.

Peer support and hope in the midst of trauma

This book is a source of peer support for anyone who has experienced trauma. It offers practical help, information about the effects and symptoms of trauma, and above all, it conveys the message: it is possible to rise above tragedies and become one's own self.

Maiju Palin: Experience expert and Source of Inspiration

Maiju Palin is a versatile professional: entrepreneur, mother, writer and poet. She is also an experience expert who shares information and support on her Kultainen Sulka blog and online courses, helping others on their wellness journey.

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