Haamos fatigue - a dark season survival guide

Haamos fatigue - a dark season survival guide

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Business of the Dangerous Fatter: Satu Rasa's Guide to the Challenges of the Dark Season

Find the ways to win the dawn of Satu Rasa's "Dark season survival guide". This guide focuses on the causes and symptoms of the fatigue fatigue, providing effective solutions based on current research. Learn how to boost your well -being with bright light, exercise, cold exposure, sauna flu and dopamine dressing, and pour the symptoms of the day with effective methods.

Symptoms and auxiliary means

The book deals with the symptoms of the fatigue fatigue and introduces a variety of aids that extend from traditional methods to new innovative solutions. Rasa provides practical tips on how to overcome the dawn and improve your quality of life in the winter.

Satu Rasa: Health Communications Expert

Satu Rasa, Master of Philosophy, an entrepreneur from the Marketing Communications Office and the mother of three in Espoo, shares their expertise in health communication and well -being in this comprehensive guide.

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