Eroon Oireista - Learn to unleash your healing power

Eroon Oireista - Learn to unleash your healing power

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Eroon Oireista - Maria Nordin's Method for Promoting Well-Being

Experience the power of the Free to Heal® method developed by Maria Nordin in the new 6th edition of the book "Eroon Oireista". This bestseller guides readers to self-care for physical and psychological symptoms. Join thousands of Finns who have already found the way to a better quality of life with the help of this book.

The Free to Heal® Method: 12 Steps to Health

Discover the Free to Heal® method presented in the book Get Rid of Symptoms, which includes 12 steps to better health and well-being. Each step consists of exercises designed to increase vitality and creativity, and can be done by anyone.

A book that combines theory and practice

"Eroon Oireista" offers an in-depth look at the theories that support the exercises of the Free to Heal® method, and shares the author's own journey through challenges to health, offering readers concrete tools for a better everyday life.

Comprehensive Guide to Well-Being Themes

The book delves into topics such as the impact of stress on well-being, utilizing the malleability of the brain, understanding the healing power of the body, the importance of world view and the effects of thoughts and emotions on health.

Maria Nordin: Method Developer

Maria Nordin's expertise and personal experiences with hypersensitivity and diseases have shaped her into the developer of the Free to Heal® method. In his book, he shares these teachings, offering readers the opportunity to utilize his knowledge to support health.

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