Dental floss made out of silk and beeswax

Dental floss made out of silk and beeswax

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Yaweco Dental Floss – Made of Silk and Beeswax

Yaweco dental floss is a top-quality choice on the market that offers environmentally conscious people a completely plastic-free alternative. This dental floss is made of 100% real silk, which is known for its durability - it does not fray or break between the teeth. The surface of the silk dental floss is treated with real beeswax, which makes the floss particularly slippery and makes it easier to use when cleaning the teeth.

Customer Reviews

Customers have given Yaweco dental floss a full five stars, praising its superior quality and ease of use. Many have stated that after trying Yaweco dental floss, they can't go back to using other products. It has set a new standard for dental floss.

An environmentally friendly choice

Yaweco dental floss is designed for environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable products that respect nature. It is completely free of harmful PFC compounds such as Teflon, making it a safe choice for both the user and the environment.

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