Childhood developmental trauma - cause of worthlessness, shame and guilt

Childhood developmental trauma - cause of worthlessness, shame and guilt

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Developmental Trauma: Juha Klaavu's insights from the roots of worthlessness

In the treatment of childhood development trauma - the deep causes of worthlessness, shame and guilt. Juha Klaavu, a professional in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, explores in his book the origin of these heavy feelings and their long -term effects of human life. The book provides a comprehensive information package on developmental trauma, its mechanisms and effects, and is aimed at anyone who wants to understand and deal with these feelings more deeply.

The impact of developmental trauma on self -image and relationships

Explore how developmental trauma affects the person's self -image, identity and ability to form healthy relationships. The book deals with the effects of trauma and the difficulty of identifying and its complex consequences for human behavior and mental health.

Juha Klaavu's expertise and experience

Juha Klaavu, Master of Theology and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, shares his expertise over two decades. He uses illustrative customer examples to explain the emergence of developmental trauma and its treatment, especially in the treatment of instability.

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