Breathing - New information on a lost skill

Breathing - New information on a lost skill

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Secrets of Breathing: A Journey into the World of Correct Breathing

Check out James Nestor's global research on the importance of breathing and learn how to improve your breathing habits to promote health. Nestor's book offers access to ancient breathing techniques that can improve both physical and psychological well-being and even change the facial bones and relieve biting problems. Correcting breathing can significantly improve the quality of life and help relieve snoring, asthma and symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Health-Promoting Breathing: Why and How?

The book sheds light on how improper breathing can cause numerous health challenges, and introduces breathing exercises that support the healing of body and mind. These exercises fit perfectly with Maria Nordin's Free to Heal® method, complementing the healing journey.

James Nestor: Breathing Expert

James Nestor has studied the effects of breathing on health around the world and now shares his knowledge on how to improve breathing. The teachings in the book will help you understand the profound meaning of breathing and guide you on how to take control of it.

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