ben furman lasten haasteet taidoksi kirja
ben furman lasten haasteet taidoksi kirja

Ben Furman & Children's Challenges as Skills

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Skill -oriented Education: Ben Furman's Guide to Parents and Breeders

Find new perspectives to support child growth and solve developmental challenges in Ben Furman's long -awaited guide. This book is aimed at parents and breeders who are looking for an innovative and unsuccessful way of approaching children's upbringing. Take a look at a skill -oriented methodology that provides practical tools and strategies to develop your child's skills and overcome challenges.

Skill -oriented: an alternative perspective on upbringing

The Ben Furman's guide deeply explores skill -oriented upbringing, which is an individual and creative approach to children's growth and development. The method emphasizes strengths and opportunities without the guilt of parenting. The book gives parents clear keys to raising children's motivation and acquiring new skills.

The proven ways of thinking and working

When looking for a flexible but effective breeding method, skill orientation offers a comprehensive selection of well-known thinking and practices. It supports cooperation and discussion between an adult and a child that arouses hope and enthusiasm.

A book that inspires action

Ben Furman's book is full of stories and case reports that not only inform but also inspire and motivate the reader. The book is aimed at parents, but the practices it presented are suitable for anyone working with children.

Ben Furman: an internationally known expert

Ben Furman is a solution -oriented therapy and psychology trainer, writer and a respected psychiatric specialist whose work and teachings have achieved an extensive audience internationally.

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