Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs
Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs
Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs
Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs
Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs
Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs

Aallotar Menstrual Sponge 2 pcs

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What is an Aallotar Menstrual Sponge?

The Aallotar Menstrual Sponge offers an ecological and comfortable alternative to traditional period products. Menstrual sponges are an ideal choice for those seeking an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for personal hygiene during menstruation.

Why choose the Aallotar Menstrual Sponge?

  • Ecological Option: Reduce the use of disposable products and move to a more sustainable solution for the environment.
  • Comfort: The sponges adapt to the body's shapes, offering a comfortable experience without pressure or discomfort.
  • Natural Composition: The sponges contain natural enzymes and minerals that prevent odors and bacterial growth.

Benefits of the Menstrual Sponge:

  • Hypoallergenic: The sponges are naturally processed without artificial ingredients or chemicals.
  • Softness: When moistened, the sponges are extremely soft and flexible, and do not cause skin irritation.
  • Ethical Production: The sponges are harvested by a family business with over 70 years in the industry, located on the island of Kalymnos in Greece.

How to use the Aallotar Menstrual Sponge?

Using the menstrual sponge is really easy. Moisten the sponge before use and squeeze it dry. Place the sponge near the entrance of the vagina. Tip: you can thread a sewing thread through the sponge to facilitate its removal.

What is the right size?

Choose the appropriate size from two options. The M size is good for normal flow and the L size for heavier flow. The sponges in the package vary in size and shape even though they are labeled the same size. If necessary, you can cut the sponges smaller.

How long does the menstrual sponge last?

Although a menstrual sponge can last for decades, it is recommended to replace it every 3-6 months.

Return and Exchange Policy

Please note that this is a hygiene product and does not have a return or exchange right.

Explore the Aallotar Menstrual Sponge now and make an ecological choice for your menstrual hygiene!

Product information


Check and rinse the sponge before use. Squeeze the excess water onto the paper. The sponge does not need to be inserted as deep as a regular tampon. Empty and clean the sponge often enough carefully with cold water. One mushroom lasts a good 3-6 months. Let the sponge dry between periods. If necessary, the sponge can be cut smaller and a thread can be threaded through it in the middle.