Why did my Sopo soap come with a bottle cap?

We want you to get the most out of your genuine Sopo bar soap, so we included a Sopo bottle cap with your order, i.e. the smallest soap tray in the world.
By storing the soap on top of the cap, your genuine bar soap will last longer.
Below is the application of the cap:

1. Press the Sopo cap into Aitoon Palasippu

Press the cap lightly into the bar of soap. However, do not press the cap all the way to the surface of the soap, but leave a couple of millimeters over.

2. Store the soap on top of the cap or in the Magnetic Bar Soap Holder

Store Genuine Bar Soap with a cap on a soap tray or in a Magnetic Bar Soap Holder.

This way, the soap dries between uses and lasts longer.