Rewire Your Brain and Heal - 12 Steps to Free Yourself from Symptoms

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Maria, the wounded healer, has developed a way, a technique, a method – Free to Heal – which is a consciousness skill, a method, where the symptoms we experience are used as tools. 

She has developed a method using neuroplasticity and more that frees your body and mind to heal themselves.

Maria shares her personal healing journey - how she navigated her own health and psychological environmental sensitivity – and how she discovered that was simply the tip of the iceberg, and that actually her body was talking to her and guiding her toward her healing.

This book is a guide, with information, principles and exercises that takes the reader on a journey.

This journey requires a commitment, to which the testimonials provide evidence and encouragement, to engage in a process that helps us to understand our stories and how they create our experiences and our bodies responses, and how to rewire our brain to change all that.

The journey takes the reader deeper and deeper into their beliefs that have created the messages their bodies are giving them, and how to use neuroplasticity to heal.

The information spans from understanding the defence systems of the mind and body, the principles of how beliefs and thoughts create our physical and emotional experience, to our Microbiome.

The Goddess of health and healing – Hygieia – tells us that - the wound reveals the cure and this book from Maria shows us how to understand our symptoms (the wound) as messages from our bodies, and how to free our bodies and minds to enable them to heal themselves (the cure).

This book will give the reader all the information they need to understand how the physical and emotional experiences of their life have created their body’s symptoms; and techniques, practises and exercises for what to do about it – how to understand it, deal with it, let it go, and heal and change our bodies and our minds"

Words from Jane Collings -

Nimeke: Rewire Your Brain and Heal — 12 Steps to Free Yourself from Symptoms
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