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The Essence of Reality: PhD Johanna Blomqvist's Dissertation on Life's Deepest Questions

Get to know the work of Johanna Blomqvist, doctor of philosophy, which opens up the nature of reality and the hypotheses presented about it in a general sense, but in depth. The book deals with the reality of life's challenges, the limits of knowledge about reality, the connection between consciousness and reality, and the reflection on whether we are possibly living in a simulation. Blomqvist combines science and spirituality into a visionary speech, offering the reader a new understanding of reality.

The Nature of Reality and Consciousness

Blomqvist's book delves into questions that touch everyone: What is the nature of our reality? What is the role of consciousness in it? The volume offers thought-provoking hypotheses and the latest research results around these fundamental questions.

FT Johanna Blomqvist's Visionary Speech

Through the work, FT Johanna Blomqvist presents an interdisciplinary reflection that combines the laws of research knowledge and spiritual life, offering the reader tools to expand their own understanding of reality.

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